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《Love of my life》歌曲原唱:Queen 填词:Freddie Mercury 作曲:Freddie Mercury love of my life 我的至爱 you've hurt me 你伤害了我 you've broken my heart 你让我心碎 and now you leave me 因为你离开了我 love of my life can't you see 我的至


Welcome to My Life Simple Plan Do you ever feel like breaking down? 你觉得自己要崩溃了吗? Do you ever feel out of place? 你觉得自己很迷茫吗? Like somehow you just don't belong 不知为何你总是格格不入, And no one understands

Ludacris Ft. Usher & Rest Of 我的余生If you live for something, you're , my friend如果你有活着的目标 那么你就不孤单 我的朋友So fill up your cup and, lift your lighter, and toast to life所以斟满你的酒杯 举起你的打火机 为生活干杯!Luda!(Ludacris

歌曲名:kill me for loving you 歌手:jaron and the long road to love 专辑:getting dressed in the dark it was gonna be you and me, but now your gone. i had planned the rest of my life how am i supposed to move on i can't sleep in our bed or on the

You're the light, you're the night 你是我生命中的光芒和黑暗 You're the color of my blood 你就像我的血液 令我的生命充满动力 you're the cure, you're the pain 你是我的解药 同时也是我的痛苦来源 You're the only thing I wanna touch 你是唯一我最想

My Best Of My Life歌手:Superfly作词:越智志帆作曲:多保孝一此刻在这儿试著深呼吸彷佛我的确是存在的彷佛被环绕般地活著为什麽 我还要这样地找寻那确切的事物呢就算飞逝的日子 应该也不会有错吧 背负著那快要撕裂的心即使如此我还

dido的my life?我去网上查没查到哎,应该是叫life for rent吧…… haven''t really ever found a place that I call home I never stick around quite long enough to make it I apologize that once again I''m not in love But it''s not as if I mind that your heart ain''t

我一直在等待我的梦想得到收获我相信并且一直在寻找地平线上的魔法彩虹我不能看到它,除非我放过它把我的爱给它并且看着所有的痛苦化为灰烬现在我慢慢苏醒 不仅躯体也有灵魂并且感觉到我的世界开始改变我会品味每时每刻,勇敢地实现

In My Life - 藤田惠美 词曲:The Beatles 歌手:藤田惠美 There are places I'll remember 有些场景终我一生都不会忘怀 All my life though some have changed 哪怕有些已经物换星移 Some forever not for better 有些则依旧没有变的更好 Some have


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